Supplying Bulk Diesel, Gasoline and Motor Oils to Wood County, Lucas County.
Tank Wagon and Transport Deliveries of 150 - 8,500 Gallons

Delivery Area
  Pricing / Dispatch: 419-531-2218
Diesel Fuels
Supreme Diesel On Road
Supreme Diesel Off Road
Residential Heating Oil
     Budget Plan Available
ULS #2 On Road
ULS #2 Off Road
DEF Fluid
Bio Diesel
Regular 87-E10
Plus 89-E10
Super 93-E10
Motor Oils
Motor Oil
Hydraulic Oil
Grease / Lube
MSDS Available Upon Request
Phone: 419-531-2218
Fax: 419-531-3784

Mailing Address:

4400 Moline Martin Road
Suite 103
Millbury, OH 43447

A+ Rating


Motor Oils, Hydraulic and Lubes We Deliver

Castrol offers motor oils, hydraulic oils and lubes for nearly every kind of application. Their extensive range of high-quality oils is a result of 100 years experience in developing lubricants which are constantly undergoing extreme tests.

Call 419-531-2218 or email for pricing and dispatch of Castrol Oil products.


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