Supplying Bulk Diesel, Gasoline and Motor Oils to Wood County, Lucas County and Southeast Michigan.
Tank Wagon and Transport Deliveries of 150 - 8,500 Gallons

Delivery Area
  Pricing / Dispatch: 419-531-2218
Diesel Fuels
Supreme Diesel On Road
Supreme Diesel Off Road
Residential Heating Oil
     Budget Plan Available
ULS #2 On Road
ULS #2 Off Road
Dyed #1 Kerosene
Bio Diesel
Regular 87-E10
Plus 89-E10
Super 93-E10
Motor Oils
Motor Oil
Hydraulic Oil
Grease / Lube
MSDS Available Upon Request
Phone: 419-531-2218
Fax: 419-531-3784

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 352017
Toledo, Ohio 43635-2017

A+ Rating


About Brahier Oil, Inc.

Don Brahier started this family owned business in the 1940’s as a Sohio Distributor. Dad made the deliveries and mom worked in the office and our older brother and sister helped out in the 1960’s. After dad’s death in 1975, Richard, Jim and mom continued the business and it was incorporated in 1990 as Brahier Oil, Inc. Our youngest sister, Jeanette, is now running the office.

At critical times or in the harshest weather, our customers can be assured that we will be there to provide the product and service you need. We consistently have met the needs of our customers; we are part of this community and take pride in our work. We specialize in “automatic” no-hassle deliveries.

Brahier Oil, Inc. is proud to be a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating.

Call 419-531-2218 or email for Pricing and Dispatch.


Proprietors: Dick and Jim Brahier | Copyright 2010